My Great Uncle Ri Intoku (Hosokawa Intoku)

My Great Uncle Ri Intoku
a.k.a Hosokawa Intoku)
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My Great Uncle Ri Intoku (a.k.a Hosokawa Intoku) was a true idealist, adventurer, and devoted agricultural researcher. He went to Sapporo Agricultural College in Hokkaido, Japan and studied agricultural economy (Agronomy) in the early 1900?s.

He was born in a rural area in the south of Seoul in 1884.

Although he became an agricultural scientist and subsequently became a naturalized Japanese citizen, he eventually came back to Korea to serve the country.

In the end he obtained a professor position in an agricultural field laboratory of the Governor-General in Korea after his schooling, where he performed an extensive research on paddy field grains especially for RICE to ease the chronic famines that time.

He had met beautiful young Hosokawa sisters at Sapporo Methodist Church in 1908. Ri Intoku fell in love, and married the older sister (Hosokawa Sukieko) in 1912, but Great Aunt Sukieko passed away in Seoul in 1912.

Hosokawa Heiki, his father-in-law, granted him to marry his second daughter (Hosokawa Kieyoko). The couple had a son, Hosokawa KieyoToku and a daughter but we do not know her name.

My Great Grandfather,  Ri Youn Ha (1843 -1916) was a chief of a southern prefecture in Korea, and had two (2) sons (Ri EunChul and Ri Intoku). The brothers accepted Jesus Christ as their savior in late 1880?s, and they served numerous methodist churches and volunteer organizations in Korea as well as in Japan.

The descendents of older brother (Ri EunChul) are currently residing in Seoul, Korea, and some of the 3rd and 4th generations are living in America.

Great Uncle Hosokawa Ri Intoku got a bad flu during his business trip in Japan in 1918, and passed away at a hospital in Tokyo on November 26, 1918.

We sincerely wish success and prosperity of the descendents of our Great Uncle Hosokawa Intoku, and hope someday we can be reconnected with them via Internet. Although I never met my Great Uncle Hosokawa Intoku, we admire and love him so much.


Charles C. Rhee
(Grand Nephew of Hosokawa Intoku)
eMail: chrhee – AT – aol – DOT -com

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Timeline of Great Uncle Ri Intoku (Hosokawa Intoku)

(1889; Meiji 17)                         Ri Intoku Born in GongJu, Korea

(1899-1903; Meiji 32-36)           Elementary School KyungSung HakDang in Seoul, Korea

(1904-1905; Meiji 33-34)           SeiSoKu Middle & SeiSoKu English School in Tokyo

(1905; Meiji 38)                           Admitted to Sapporo Agricultural College Prep-Course

(1905; Meiji 38)                           Sapporo Methodist Church; Sunday School Master

(1911; Meiji 44)                           BS; Hokkaido Imperial University (Sapporo AC)

(1912; Meiji 45)                           Married to Great Aunt Hosokawa Sukieko

(1912; Meiji 45)                        Naturalized to Japan; Became “Hosokawa Intoku”

(1912; Meiji 45)                        Research Staff; Governor General of Korea, Department of Education, Agricultural Lab

(1912; Meiji 45)                        Great Aunt Hosokawa Sukieko Passed Away in Seoul

(1914; Taisho 3)                       Married to Great Aunt Hosokawa Kieyoko

(1915; Taisho 4)                       First Child, Boy, Hosokawa KieyoToku

(1917; Taisho 6)                     Second Child, Girl, Hosokawa _________

(1918; Taisho 7)                     Professor, Soowon Agricultural College

(1918; Taisho 7)                     Professor Hosokawa Intoku Passed Away in Tokyo